What I’m Doing Now

Happy New Year

Hello 2024, this will be our best year yet.

We Bought a Barn

Late last year, we drove by a large sign in Calgary, Alberta, Canada advertising the sale of a 6.2 acre piece of land. Having always wanted to live on an acreage but also loving the city lifestyle, we took the plunge and bought it! While no home exists on the property at this time, it does have a barn that we’re renovating and planning on living in it until we have plans confirmed for our next home. Excited to sell our place in Mahogany and move to the “country” (yet still near city amenities). Fun fun. I never thought I’d ever own a barn but I gotta admit, it’s pretty neat.

Cue all the questions about what animals we’re getting… that is a question for a Now page of the future.

May, 2024

Jurassic Park (Michael Crichton: Fiction) – We all know the movie but Crichton is an engaging author with serious skills. Enjoying reading the book for the first time.

Up Next


WHAT? I am an avid reader but all my energy eggs are in our huge barn renovation project at this time. Once we move in (likely June or July), I’ll stack up the books to read next again.

Random Basket

  • I am both fascinated by and not-at-all interested in the current US election craziness.
  • It is finally spring but we just had a HUGE dump of snow on the last day of April.
  • Jamie and I have are likely going to Germany in November.
  • This year, I’ve started really using the Free Stuff category on Kijiji. In the last six months, I’ve picked up over $10k of gently used necessities for our renovations projects.
  • Last week, I got to see my brother and sister-in-law who have lived in Mexico for the past few years. It was funny to me how seeing people made me miss them a lot more that I thought I was.

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